The Nexus of Sustainability & Leadership

Avastone's Sustainability & Leadership service area enables leaders to sharply focus on sustainability from a wide and deep strategic context. Our work supports upward shifts through several gears of sustainability, moving from lower gear focus on compliance and technical work to higher gear impact through integration and realization of new opportunities and value. We use an integral framing and assessment methodology supported by active research with leading companies to provide a coherent picture of leverage for accelerated traction.

Yet sustainability is as much about the mindset through which the world is seen as it is about the activities taken in support of it. Mindsets progress in stages and become more expansive and integrative in what is seen, interpreted, and acted upon. Avastone helps clarify the mindsets prevalent in the organization and support leaders in translating sustainability into terms that others understand where they are now, in concert with enhancing their capabilities for effective action. We support leaders in development of their own later-stage mindsets, which correlates with higher levels of organizational performance and success in large-scale change efforts.

Avastone brings fresh dimensions to the field through a powerful and dramatic set of learning experiences that brings to life the tensions, issues, and demands on leadership. Everglades simulation and Sustainable Leadership learning journey are two examples of the firm's creative capacity in showcasing sustainability challenges. Avastone also participates as core faculty with Integral University's Integral Sustainability Seminar, a public approach to expanding perspectives surrounding the sustainability agenda.

A grand vision.